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Healing The Living Dead

Healing The Living Dead emphasizes on the fact that there are too many people who are physically alive but mentally and morally dead; walking around with no purpose or agenda in life. Keyon’s book will highlight his journey and testimony to inspire everyone that no matter how dark your past is, you have the ability to make your future as bright as you want it to be. Statistically, Keyon had a low probability of being successful in life but with his tenacious mentality he defeated all the odds stacked against him.

He obtained an Electrical Engineering degree, became an Execution Coach, Professional Speaker, Founder of a non-profit organization, Certified Bodybuilder but most importantly he is a servant of the Lord and the people. His book depicts how executing on a daily basis will build a mindset of becoming at least 1% better every day. Keyon is committed to serving the people by using his voice to inspire thousands of people from his hometown Detroit Michigan and throughout the world.

Habits that shift you from a “Morgue” mentality to a “Forbes” mentality.

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