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Healing The Living Dead

Habits that shift you from a “Morgue” mentality to a “Forbes” mentality

Healing The Living Dead emphasizes on the fact that there are too many people who are physically alive but mentally and morally dead; walking around with no purpose or agenda in life. Keyon's book will highlight his journey and testimony to inspire everyone that no matter how dark your past is, you have the ability to make your future as bright as you want it to be.

Inspire. Motivate. Transform.

It is time for a paradigm shift in the world.

As a Detroit native and someone who still resides in the City of Detroit, I have dealt with and persevered through the adversity of poverty, mass incarceration within the community, police brutality, and a lack of resources within the Detroit Public School system. Through my experiences as a child, I have learned that one can only aspire to the level of your awareness and exposure. I have always envisioned creating a platform that would not only benefit my family and I but a platform that would affect others in a positive way as well.

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